The perfect blend of industry knowledge and executive search experience.

Creating a great team is about more than filling a vacancy which is why I leverage my global contacts to match great people with outstanding organisations.  I work as an advisor to your business. My clients trust me and know that I have extensive knowledge of their industry.

How We Differ. 

Having worked exclusively in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors in the USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia, I understand that the tourism and hospitality industry is complex, multifaceted and resource intensive.

It requires global specialist understanding and knowledge in order to facilitate successful outcomes and long-term partnerships.

As a senior vice president of talent for luxury resort groups, I have filled more than 10,000 roles worldwide.

Having worked globally I have an understanding of cultural diversity and how cultural nuances work with different nationalities.

I take on full responsibility for filling a role; ensuring confidentiality, sensitivity and a personal knowledge of all candidates through to assisting with the onboarding process.

Quality executives are rarely on the lookout for new roles, and as such I adopt an executive search approach to hiring the best candidates.  I travel regularly to meet industry leaders, expanding my network and staying up to date with what is happening with talent in the tourism and leisure world.

Having personal connections with candidates and insider knowledge of the industry means that I have skilled insight into who would be the right fit for specific roles and companies.


How We Work. 

When you approach me to fill a role I drill down into the culture and get a clear view of the business needs. This involves collaboration with all the key stakeholders to ensure that the personal mission of the candidate matches where that business wants to go.

When I have a clear picture of the role, I conduct an extensive search be it internationally or locally dependant on the client requirements and assess my existing contacts for the best matched candidates.   I then approach them concurrently, always keeping the company confidential (should the search be of a sensitive nature).

My discretion ensures that an executive feels comfortable discussing potential roles with me.  My assurance of confidentiality creates a level of trust where they are confident that our discussions will not jeopardise their current position.  Candidates are extensively screened to ensure that they are a great fit before presentation to a client.

A short list is assembled, I conduct formal interviews and reference checks before facilitating the client interview process.

About Janelle.

I really love finding great roles for great people. I don’t see my job as work, I see it as a lifestyle choice - that’s why I like it and why I’m good at it.

Previously as senior vice present of talent for Kerzner, I pioneered internal recruitment. With 15,000 employees, from 60 different nationalities, across a variety of continents, I was responsible for all of the recruitment, succession planning, and development of the employees for the corporate office, satellite international offices, existing and pre-opening hotels & resorts.  

In my early career as a catering director, I was frustrated that the HR department wasn’t providing me with the right people, so I trained in HR and became a recruitment specialist.


I am fascinated by people. In recruitment, you’re dealing with people not commodities. You’ve got to care, you’ve got to listen and you’ve got to read between the lines, there is a lot of psychology involved.

I get to help people do really cool things. People love being headhunted. They love being tapped on the shoulder and told that there are alternative employment options out there for them, particularly by someone they can trust. 


Finding someone a new role, creating a difference in their life and opening up new opportunities, that’s what I love about my job.

With a boundless curiosity for everything hospitality & tourism related, I am a relentless traveller, taking regular trips (internationally and locally)  to make new connections, explore the industry developments and to keep abreast of industry trends.


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